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Expedia @ Microsoft

"Similar ideas occur everywhere from multiple people. The key is in the execution, to transform those ideas in real products or services."
When building disruptive technology, besides a great team, you also need a distribution channel and a large investment to make it happen. Having someone like Bill Gates & Microsoft behind it , well... it certainly helped.


Expedia started as a line of CD-ROM travel titles

It changed to a MSN property, launched as an Internet service on 1996 and spin-off in 1999

CD-ROM Titles staring with France

Rich media, videos, licensed content from Frommer's

MSN Publishing Tools

Complete Interface change to downsize multimedia rich content to 800k modem delivery

Internet Service

Launched in October 22, 1996

My Portfolio Details

I envision my goal early in life. To be successful I had to acquire a number of skills.
I managed my options so I could add value as well as acquire skills in each job I took.

Nutrihand Inc

Multiple ways to track and link with healthcare experts


1st Paid Internet Service
1 Million tickets when launched