November 3, 1997



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"You have to take risks. And if there aren't poeple like me doing that, you know it's never going to change. People have to learn how to value other people by what they can contribute insteaad of slapping on labels."

Her journey to Microsoft inspired the
travel concept of the century.

Seattle's a long way from Rio de Janeiro, but well worth the trip for this engineeron a mission.

Soraya Bittencourt's attitude, ambition and love for technology fueled her search for challenge and opportunity: which led her to Microsoft, where her concept of online travel reservations became Microsft Expedia. At Microsft, the glass ceilings she kept hitting in Brazil are absent and the opportunity to learn is absolutely limitless. Talk about a ticket to ride.

From Field Consulting and Systems Engineering positions located nationwaide, to the hundreds of exciting Development and Operations careers available on our Redmond campus located outside of Seattle, there's no shortage of opportunities. If you have experience in the PC industry, with a background in Software engineering, Testing, Technical Support, Consulting, Marketing, MIS or other disciplines, we want to put your best ideas to work.

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