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Mundo S/A - Globo TV

  • 10 June, 2021
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Weekly program focus on corporate trends, successful experiences and innovative companies. Soraya Bittencourt was featured as a successfull Brazilian enterpreneur. The program goes back in my carreer since launching Brasilsat1, first Latin American satellite, to Nutrihand Inc.

Nutrihand Inc - was created to help diabetics to better manage their health. It delivered all the tools for tracking food intake, exercises, medication, medical and health information. It was created when there were no internet applications of this kind.

Nutrihand® Wellness Center selected as one of the 5 best sites to use for weight loss - Aug 2010

Microlife's WatchWT MedGem® device will be used to assess metabolic changes in The Biggest Loser contestants - Jan 2010

Microlife Medical Home Solutions Launches MiHealthCoach to link MiHealthLog Users with their health care professionals  - July 2010

Microlife Medical Home Solutions Launches Comprehensive Online Health Management Program; MiHealthLog - December 21, 2009

Nutrihand Wellness Platform Redefines Customer Retention - March 9, 2007

MGH Hospital Monitors and Educates Patients With The Help of Nutrihand Wellness Tools - July 21, 2006

First Class Food Manufacturer Selected Nutrihand Wellness Platform to Develop its Online Wellness Portal - June 14, 2006

San Jose State University Incorporates Nutrihand Wellness Platform in Education and in Healthcare Cost Reduction - April 11, 2006

New Wellness Platform Differentiates Your Brand While Fitting to Your Unique Requirements - February 15, 2 006

Nutrihand Generates Buzz at Food & Nutrition Conference Expo 2005 - October 31, 2005

The One that Got Away - September 6, 2005

Nutrihand Launches Free Online Health Service for Dietitians - August 9, 2005

Nutrihand Empowers Consumers to Manage Their Health and Lose Weight for Free - August 15, 2005

Nutrihand Debuts New Internet Diabetes Management Service for Health Care Providers at ADA 65th Scientific Sessions - June 7, 2005

Diabetics Take Health Care Into Their Own Hands; Use Online Health Service for Better Self Management - May 17, 2005

Customers First Impressions - 2005

First-of-its-Kind Service Now Available for Diabetics to Manage Medical, Diet, and Fitness Needs in One Location - February 8, 2005

The next articles refer to the launch of my book, My Road to Microsoft, Expedia and others relate to some projects I was involved in.

Curve Magazine - November 2007

Jungle Magazine - February/March 2007

Obongo Release - December 1999

Webex Release - April 1999

Revista Veja - December 1996

Micronews - October 1996

O Dia - February 1985

WITI - June 1996

The next set of articles are regarding my time launching Brasilsat and working on laser shows in Brasil

Jornal da Embratel - February 1985

Diario da Manha - September 1983

O Popular - September 1983

Jornal de Brasilia - August 1983

Jornal de Brasilia - July 1983

Correio Braziliense - July 1983

Fatos & Fotos - October 1982

Isto E - June 1982

O Globo - February 1982

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