Soraya Bittencourt

"Every product or service you see, was at one time, someone's dream. Let me make make your dream a reality."
Wearables, Applications, e-Commerce, Nutrition and Health Management Expertise
Product Management & User Experience Design

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Brasilsat Satellite, Lotus 1-2-3, Expedia, AOL and Nutrihand

I like to solve problems and deliver lasting user experiences

1st Internet Profitable Site

Founder and Group Program Manager, Microsoft Corp | more...

Wallet, Stores, SDK

Sr. Director, technology generated 32 Billion dollars in sales

Personalized Nutrition

Founder, CEO, CTO, 1st tracker and health management SaaS platform

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I envision my goal early in life. To be successful I had to acquire a number of skills.
I managed my options so I could add value as well as acquire skills in each job I took.

Nutrihand Inc

Multiple ways to track and link with healthcare experts


1st Paid Internet Service
1 Million tickets when launched


Space Control Center Brasilsat I