Soraya Bittencourt

Every idea is a vision.
Let me turn your vision into reality.

Experienced technology executive, goal oriented and hands-on with proven ability to build, plan and implement initiatives across organizations. Recognized for problem solving skills creating innovative technology strategies and tactical implementations driving increased levels of customer satisfaction and operational efficiencies. Resume.

Skills Overview

More than 25 years experience building rich scalable web applications. Expert in product development, program management and operations experience within high-tech, cloud applications, digital health, biopharmaceutical and medical device sectors. Solid experience in quality and regulatory application development, implementation, management, support and validation.


  • Research challenges
  • Brain storm possibilities
  • Design User Experience
  • Prototype them
  • Test | Select | Get buy in
  • Ontime delivery


  • Active listener
  • Clear communication
  • Negotiate trade-offs
  • Attention to details
  • Excellent presenter
  • Leader and Team player


  • All Adobe | MSFT apps
  • Linux, Win, Mac, iOS
  • HTML, CSS, Java, AWS
  • MySQL, Access, NoSQL
  • JSON, JQuery, Bootstrap
  • Eng | Port | Spanish

Great companies I've worked for

Featured in Brasil and USA Media

Press Highlights

Mundo S/A Interview (Portuguese)

  • March 9, 2016
TV Globo weekly program for innovative businesses and people that are making a difference.

5 Weight-Loss Websites That Work

  • Aug 09, 2010
Participants in a study published last week in the Journal of Medical Internet Research who entered their meals and physical activity in online diaries at least once a month for roughly two years were more likely to lose weight—and keep it off—than others who did so less diligently...

Brasilsat 1 Telecommunications Satellite Launch

  • February 10th, 1985
Exactly at 12:34h, when dozens of Brazilian and Canadian technicians were accompanying the trajectory of the Arianne rocket, from the Control Center at Pedra de Guaratiba (Rio de Janeiro), the operator Soraya Bittencourt commanded, with total exit, the firing of the "Apogee" motor...

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